Asia News Report

Asia News Report

This is the title of a new quarterly missionary periodical edited by Michael Browne of Hong Kong. Its objectives are, to quote the Editorial, “to make a positive contribution to missionary information in an area practically untouched by existing assembly publications … aiming at readable style, professional standards, reliable news and responsible although not necessarily conformist comments”.

If the first issue is an indication of both style and content, it will prove engrossing and enlightening and should enable all to grasp more clearly the general background of missionary work in Asia. In this it will supplement the more specific information gleaned from Echoes of Service and other missionary publications. News of the Lord’s work in China is to be a regular feature and Michael Browne is in an excellent position to glean up to date information from behind “the bamboo curtain”.

The Asia News Report should be widely read by God’s people and the young encouraged to consider in it the challenge of the regions beyond. No definite charge is to be made for it. It is to be supported entirely through the free will offerings of the Lord’s people. Copies may be obtained from A.N.R. Office, 56 Beacon Down Avenue, Beacon Park, Plymouth, Devon. Eds.


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