Babylon to Jerusalem with five great men

Paperback, 348pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 1 882701 97 6

The style and content of Robert Surgenor’s book becomes evident from the first page. For the present reviewer, it would seem that the writer writes as he speaks for there are many phrases in the book that are more in keeping with the pulpit rather than the pen: ‘I am speaking of those …’; ‘You will notice that word …’; ‘Let me ask you …’.

Much of the first chapter is a series of lengthy quotations from various passages. These demonstrate the primary place that the author attaches to the word of God. He is keen to place his comments against the background of scripture, not just a reference but a full quotation. It is also clear that the author is unflinching in his condemnation of anything that deviates from the scriptural pattern.

This is a book full of practical application and wise counsel. When offering advice on facing opposition the author says, ‘The solution is simply this, read diligently and meditate constantly upon the holy scriptures’. In his consideration of the prophet Haggai, he writes, ‘It is imperative, if a man is a spokesman for God, that he first be in communion with God’.

Unfortunately there are times when Mr. Surgenor’s excursions from the passage being considered are distracting. His connection between Ezra chapter 4 verse 2 and the subject of reception into the assembly is strained. His discourse on the Catholic Church in the first millennium arising from Zechariah’s third vision is unusual. These matters aside this is a worthwhile book on an area of scripture that is often neglected.


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