Between The Leaves

Published by Autumn Leaf Ltd., P.O. Box 140225, Grand Rapids, MI 49514-0225, U.S.A. Bi-monthly, available by subscription only. Annual rates: Single - £10.00. Bulk - (5) £22.00, (10) £30.00

This paper has the sub-heading ‘Book Reviews for Serious Christians’. Its 8 pages of approximately A4 size provide sufficient space for contributors to review a greater number of books at greater length than most magazines can allow. In addition to the reviews, which come across as positive and helpful to the reader, other features are included. This particular edition includes a suggested list of books to make up a ‘basic Christian library’ (it is said to be submitted ‘for discussion purposes’). For ‘serious Christians’ the accumulation of books that eventually make up a good working library is a ‘must’! A magazine of this sort should prove to be most helpful in making the right choice of books. Should healthy discussion be promoted among its readers then this, too, is beneficial.


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