Biblical Principles of Leadership – Dr. Alexander Kurian

Paperback, 120 pages, Published by GLS Publishing, Udygog Bhavan, 250D, Worli Colony, Mumbai, 400030, India. ISBN 978-81-78203-49-2.

This is a valuable book on a most important aspect of the corporate life of every believer. As Dr. Kurian states, ‘A healthy relationship between the elders and the congregation is tremendously important. It is the prerequisite for the growth and progress of the church’. If we are to see spiritual growth in every believer, and in every local assembly, leadership is vital. In pursuing scriptural simplicity, it is important that we do not reject one-man leadership in favour of any-man leadership. Both are equally unsound.

Although this is not a long book, it is pithy. From the outset, the author establishes that ‘the Christian leader is … a feeder and nourisher … a comforter … a corrector … a protector of the sheep under his care’. As he goes on to state, ‘Christian leadership is a position of humble, loving and caring service. It is ministry, not management’. In an equally succinct point on motivation, Kurian writes, ‘Christian leadership is motivated by love and concern, not power and position’. These quotations provide an indication of the scope of the book as well as its spiritual emphasis.

For those who are already active in leadership amongst God’s people this book will serve to challenge. Does what we do essentially express what we are? For those seeking such service, the chapter entitled ‘A Calling, Not a Career’ will be essential reading. If we are to lead people to where God wants them to be, it is imperative that we see spiritual leadership as a ministry by divine calling and appointment.


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