‘Church History as Seen and Foreseen in the New Testament’

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The history of tine Church’s life here on earth constitutes the most significant the moat momentous period of all history. No other history is so precious to God or so important to man. That history challenges the attention of every child of God. If we are to make useful contributions to the House of God, which is the Church of the living God. we shall need to be diligent students of its history. For this reason we heartily commend this pamphlet by P. J. P. Here we have a clear and comprehensive view of Church history as distinct from the history of ecclesiastical systems.

Thought provoking, sin convicting, Christ exalting Evangelistic Addresses. We hope they have a wide circulation.

“But what harm is there in it?” Those who read this message with teachable spirits are not likely to ask this old question again.