Day by Day – Pictures and Parables

Paperback, 384pp. Published by Precious Seed Publications, PO Box 573, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 9FB, UK. Price £8.50 (incl p&p) ISBN 978-1-871642-26-1.

As the twelfth book in this popular series, this volume concentrates on the Bible’s rich use of metaphor. With authors well known to many of the Lord’s people, the book follows the pattern of its predecessors in providing a daily reading and meditation that will encourage, edify and, on occasions, challenge the reader, providing food for thought during the day.

In his introduction the editor states, ‘The Lord could identify and use familiar situations and figures. Moving around the region of Galilee, His hearers would understand the ideas of fishing and fish … In an agrarian society, most would understand the pictures the Lord used in relation to animals and crops. He spoke of the vineyard and the labourers, Matt. 20. 1, as well as the vineyard and the husbandmen, Matt. 21. 33. The symbolism of sowing, and reaping, whether in relation to cereals or other crops, would also be familiar to most’. This short extract gives us an indication of the material covered in the book.

As a further encouragement to the daily reading of scripture, this book is to be welcomed and is highly recommended.

Edited by John Bennett


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