‘Day by Day through the New Testament’ and other books available

On the rear cover of the magazine we always print a list of books available by post, or by personal request when possible, since some committee members have copies with them when they visit other assemblies for meetings.

The latest book, “Day by Day through the New Testament” (408 pages), has already been appreciated by a large number of readers, since it covers the whole of the New Testament, either as a day-by-day page-study throughout the year, or else as consecutive reading. Sales have already exceeded our expectations, but we have a large stock to meet all requirements.

The contents of the other books bear repeating. “Treasury of Bible Doctrine” (468 pages) is a systematic treatment of doctrine precious to the Lord’s people. “Church Doctrine and Practice” (336 pages) has been much sought after, giving an account of all aspects of gathering and service as depicted in the New Testament. “Floods upon the Dry Ground” (122 pages) is a reverent treatment of what the Scriptures say about the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. “Galatians and Philippians” (64 pages) treats these two Epistles by a departed servant of the Lord of past years. “Out-line Studies in the Pentateuch” (64 pages) is a reprint of articles that appeared in the magazine long ago.

“From Now to Eternity” (256 pages) is a verse-by-verse explanation of the Book of Revelation. “Types and Shadows in Hebrews” (208 pages) considers how Christ is exalted by looking beyond the Jewish ceremonies of old. “The Acts” (652 pages) shows how the assemblies were formed and how they functioned in their service under Peter’s and Paul’s ministry. “First Corinthians” is out of print, but “Second Corinthians” (241 pages) is a verse-by-verse account of a lesser-read Epistle. The new book on 1 & 2 Chronicles is now being printed in the U.S.A.


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