Evolution and the Christian Faith – Theistic evolution in the light of Scripture – Philip Bell

Paperback. 320 pages. Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ, ISBN 978-1-84625-607-3.

There is no shortage of good books written under the broad heading of ‘apologetics’, dealing with the subject of evolutionary theories as compared with the scriptures. In this book, however, Bell challenges those who seek to find a compromise between the Genesis record, and indeed the whole teaching of scripture, while still holding on to, and arguing for, a form of evolution.

Bell trained as a biomedical scientist and then undertook research which developed into a teaching career. He is now the CEO of Creation Ministries International UK and Europe, and travels widely to speak at conferences and seminars promoting the truth of scripture in relation to creation.

Many of the available books on this subject are written from an academic standpoint, requiring the reader to have an intellectual understanding of scientific terminology and processes. This book, while making no concessions to accuracy and technical detail, is written in a very readable style, developing the arguments of each chapter to show that the scripture totally refutes any suggestion of an evolutionary process, and maintaining that the six days of creation were periods of twenty-four hours each.

The main thrust of the book, as the sub-title indicates, is to invalidate the doctrine, held by many, that God allowed evolution to develop and form the created world over a vast period of time. Those who hold this view see the first eleven chapters of Genesis as simply allegorical myths. Bell, however, stands firmly upon the historical accuracy of those chapters, no less than any other part of the word of God.

Taking each of the major points of contention in turn, the author fearlessly challenges the writings and pronouncements of those theologians who dispute the creatorial power of the God they allegedly follow. He systematically dismantles the deceptive and unstable framework upon which their false theology is constructed, while at the same time showing clearly the truth of scripture which undermines their fallacious arguments.

Throughout the book, the writer shows, at every point, that there is no dispute between true science and the word of God. However, in the final analysis, when all the arguments are exhausted, it comes back to the simple statement of scripture, ‘Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God’, Heb. 11. 3.


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