Galatians and Philippians

Galatians and Philippians, by the late William Trew (64 pages). 24 including postage (see rear cover of magazine).

The Committee believe that many readers will appreciate the publication in booklet form of some of the past written ministry of Mr. William Trew. The fragrance, spirituality and power of his ministry are captured in permanent form by this reproduction of his two expository series on the Epistles to the Galatians and Philippians, the former having appeared in Precious Seed in the May 1971 – July 1972 issues, and the latter in the January – September 1963 issues.

Although the Lord’s servants come and depart, yet the truth remains. A generation will arise who know not our departed brother, yet the truth expounded in these two Epistles remains of practical value for all generations. The danger of building again the things destroyed may be prevalent in many hearts, Gal. 2. 18. The danger of being foolish by allowing false teachers to bewitch the saints so as not to obey the truth, 3. 1, exists when hearts turn away from the Lord to embrace legal ground. The danger of men seeking their own things and not die things pertaining to the Lord Jesus, Phil. 2. 21, is present when worldliness replaces spirituality. The danger of losing assembly power in testimony arises when brethren and sisters fail to be of one mind in the Lord, 4. 2.

The two Epistles deal with these dangers together with others, the Spirit of God using the apostolic correction to restore those who depart from the truth in Christ. The expositions in this booklet assist in understanding the mind of the Spirit to this end, and are therefore worthy to be in the hands of all the Lord’s people who desire to maintain the godly pathway of practice and doctrine exalting to the Lord.


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