Global Crises in Bible Prophecy – Donald Cameron

Paperback, 75 pages. Published by Crimond House Publications, 48 Francis Street, Newtownards, Co. Down, BT23 7DN. ISBN 978-1-908618-25-2.

The author notes that this book was intended to be available by mid-2020, but publication was delayed in view of the uncertainties generated by the Coronavirus pandemic. It was maybe thought that as the year progressed the havoc wreaked by the virus would be receding. However, at the time of writing this review (December), the infection and, indeed, the death rates are still stubbornly high, thus the book retains its relevance to the present situation and to global crises in a more general sense.

Donald Cameron has written quite extensively on subjects relating to biblical prophecy, and I was a little unsure at first of the target readership for this present publication. The subject matter, linked consistently to scriptural teaching and prophetic truth, makes it eminently suited to younger believers, untaught in the detail of scripture regarding the future. Alternatively, it could well be passed on to one, maybe not yet saved, but having an interest in and an intelligent desire to know the truth. This is not to say that more mature and well-taught believers would not find help and encouragement in this book, but for them it would be more as a primer on prophecy than as a comprehensive explanation.

Apart from the Coronavirus problem, the writer considers subjects such as the present environmental debate and the global warming issue, which has reached panic proportions in some minds. He also highlights the political and economic instability, which is increasingly being seen on a global scale. Above all, the message of the book is, ‘There is a God in heaven’ who is overseeing and controlling the events on earth, working ‘all things according to the counsel of His own will’. In His own good time and in His own way He will bring all things to a conclusion. A thought-provoking book for anyone looking for answers to troubling questions.