Have you caught the 3:16? Have you gone down in the 8:36? Are you following the 2:42? – Robert Plant

Paperback, 34-60 pages. Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland. ISBN-13:978-1-910513-34-7; 978-1-912522-59-0; 978-1-910513-66-8.

These three 15cm x 10.5cm booklets have been written by Robert Plant with both gospel and teaching content, primarily for young and new believers, although the subjects are relevant and readable for all ages. For those who are acquainted with the author, it is easy to hear Robert’s rich Yorkshire tones as the pages are turned.

The first booklet is built around John chapter 3 verse 16 and presents a clear gospel message from this timeless verse. Have you gone down in the 8:36? follows on with the truth of baptism, presented in ten brief but succinct chapters under the headings Pictures, Practice, Priority, Participants, Profession, Principle, Power, Purpose, Pattern and Privilege; that, I think, just about covers the subject! The third booklet draws attention to Acts chapter 2 verses 41 and 42 as the basic model for New Testament assembly activities. Robert unpacks the verses and expands each phrase in order, explaining the occasions and teaching in the Acts and the Epistles where these principles are seen in practice.

These booklets are not designed to sit on a bookshelf but to be used to pass on as a means of helping and encouraging others. Apparently, more titles are planned and will no doubt be available through John Ritchie Ltd. I would make one remedial comment. In normal magazine articles and Christian publications, narrative can lose its flow by the over-enthusiastic use of scripture references scattered on the page. Robert’s booklets need references to substantiate his teaching. However, maybe because of the font used, the references in the 8:36 booklet appear like something that would be recognizable to a Bletchley Park code breaker. A little more daylight between the figures would be preferable, especially for someone not familiar with handling scripture. Having raised this with Robert, he assures me that this will be amended in future print runs.


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