Jesus and Divorce

Jesus and Divorce, is a major new work of over 200 pages, plus notes and indices, published by Hodder and Stoughton at £5.95 net in the U.K.

Gordon Wenham tells us that he and William Heth were brought up to believe “that in certain circumstances both divorce and remarriage are justified for Christians”. But although they each considered various modern alternative interpretations of Christ’s teaching, they eventually reached the conclusion that the view of the early church (as they understood it) has most to commend it. In the authors’ opinion, the rising problem of divorce and remarriage among evangelical Christians today is largely the result of misinformed counsel that arises out of an inadequate exegesis of the Biblical data. So, in this important book, the writers have set out to analyse the current interpretations of Jesus’ divorce sayings. They hope to provide their readers with a framework from which to grasp God’s perspective on the marriage union and the words of Jesus who said, “What God has joined together, let no man separate”. The problem is one of morals. May this book help many to repent of paying lip-service to God. Rom. 1.28-32.


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