Lights Shining in the Darkness

By Peter Jeffery. Large paperback, 128pp. £5.95.Published by Evangelical Press, Grange Close, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH (or Evang. Press U.S.A., PO BOX 84, Auburn, MA01501, USA) ISBN 0 85234 505 4

Many of our readers will already be acquainted with the writings of Peter Jeffery, and will welcome this recent addition to his lengthening list of publications. Here he makes an interesting selection of eleven ‘men of faith’ (the subtitle of his book) with brief accounts of their outstanding contributions in the field accounts of their testimony. The author makes it clear that the eventual choice of candidates for inclusion was governed by his personal interest in each of them (Oliver Cromwell is, perhaps, the most surprising inclusion!) The modest size of the book only allows for a succinct account to be presented in each case, but what is said in short order is still highly enjoyable to read. Many references to other authors’ accounts are included. Here is a book providing confirmation that true faith, and steadfastness of spirit, sustain any child of God who seeks to bear faithful and true witness to His Lord, whatever the difficulties of his time.


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