Lost at Sea, Found in Heaven

The Arthur Taylor Story Paperback, 136 pages. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St West, Port Colborne, ON, L3K 6A6, Canada. Available in UK from John Ritchie Ltd. Price £7.95. ISBN 978 1 897117 23 1.

It is always fascinating to read of the ways of God in the life of an individual and this book is no exception. The simple account of the life of Arthur Taylor, his salvation, call, and work for the Welland Canal Mission is told with freshness that communicates the zeal of the man and yet with the humility that befits a truly dependent servant.

From the tragedy of his father’s death at sea and his struggles at school, Arthur meets Judy who becomes instrumental in his salvation. For someone for whom Easter ‘only meant chocolate eggs and bunnies’, the transformation was significant – ‘I sensed an urgent need to get this good news out immediately to those that I knew’. His early forays into spreading the gospel are recounted with honesty: mistaking a Japanese cook for a Chinese led to him being chased out of the galley; his fumbling attempt at French causing offence; and the ‘hard lesson’ learned when another commitment took him away from an enquiring sailor who was killed that night. Yet, against that background it is clear that God used Arthur Taylor in leading sinners to Christ. However, as he acknowledges, ‘I’m left amazed that God delights to use me in His mighty work of reaching lost souls’.

This is a book that will enrich and enlighten the reader.


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