Love Letters To The World

Paperback, 264pp. Available from Bible Educational Services, 19 Cog Road, Sully, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 5TD, UK. Price: £10.00, incl p&p. ISBN: 978-184030-204-2.

The book is subtitled ‘The Inspiring Story of 50 Years of Postal Bible School’, and inspiring it is. Many of us will have been influenced or affected by the work of Postal Bible School over the years; some of us may even have completed the lessons! Certainly none can doubt the way in which God has used this work since its inception in 1958. This delightful and well written account traces the original burden of Bert and Wendy Gray in January 1958 to offer Bible study lessons for children by post. Before the end of that year sixty boys and girls were returning lessons. At the present time ‘hundreds of volunteers mark upwards of 30,000 lessons in more than twenty countries every month’.

The book begins by recounting the conversions and early married days of Bert and Wendy. Their initial burden, and particularly Wendy’s desire to make her life ‘count for God’ even when ‘Bert was often away’ taking meetings, should be a challenge to us all. In fact, the constant underlying theme of the narrative is: what would God have us to do for Him? A challenge indeed!

The book is packed full of names, events, stories and anecdotes of people who have served the Lord through the work, or those who have been contacted and saved over the years. Many of these demonstrate the amazing provision, providence and grace of God and serve as a timely reminder of His love and care. The various accounts are uplifting and encouraging. One such account was God’s marvellous provision of the exact amount of money required (£1,520), on exactly the right day for Noel and Liza McMeekin (the current administrators of Postal Bible School in the Republic of Ireland) to pay for the delivery of Postal Bible School prizes. The closing chapters describe the wonderful spread of the work into many foreign lands such as the West Indies, Ukraine, Romania, Canada and Russia. The concluding refrain, ‘How marvellous! How wonderful!’ is suitable indeed. This book is recommended to all.

[Our thanks to Daniel Rudge, Bracknell, UK, for this review]


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