Men in God’s Service – N. John Jeyanandam

Paperback, 288pp. Published by Moriah Ministries, Post Box No. 2540, 51-57, East Park Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai, India 6000 030 Available in UK from John Ritchie Ltd. Price £10.00, ISBN 978-81-907600-7-2.

In the preface the author indicates that this book is the product of a personal exercise concerning the character and conduct that the Lord ‘desires and expects’ from His servants, as revealed in the scriptures. Five major themes are considered, embracing ‘The Profile, Preparation and Performance of a servant of God’; ‘Persevering as a servant of God’; and ‘Precautions for a servant of God’. Each theme is then subdivided under associated headings. For example, under ‘Persevering as a Servant of God’ consideration is given to open-air work, personal work, visitation work, literature distribution and women’s ministry.

It is rare to find in one volume such a wide variety of material. Brother Jeyanandam demonstrates the importance of every servant having firm convictions regarding the divine inspiration of God’s word, that all preaching should be scriptural and Christ-centred, and, in the presentation of the gospel, the servant must give attention not just to the content of the message but also to the manner in which it is delivered, as well as the specific audience being addressed. Attention is also given to the personal, family, church, and prayer life of all who engage in God’s work. In addition, this book contains much practical and helpful advice on such matters as how to study the Bible, how to respond when facing opposition, and how to answer questions and objections. The writer supports the teaching of the book by liberal reference to the scriptures and is not afraid to draw relevant, memorable, quotations from other servants of God. The appendix includes a list of helpful websites.

Some of the material is perhaps more suited to readers in the Indian subcontinent than Western readers, but these passages are minimal and do not detract from the value of this book. The author’s treatment of his subject is most comprehensive and every thoughtful reader of this book will be helped and challenged. Many believers are more than aware of their own weaknesses and shortcomings and the author is to be commended for his desire to encourage and equip the reader to engage in acceptable and fruitful service for the Lord.

[Our thanks to Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, London, for this review]


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