Must I really go, Lord?

Paperback, 230pp. Published by Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Price £8.95, ISBN 1-897117-03-5.

This book is an account of the missionary endeavours of Betty and, later, Gordon Bisset who served the Lord in Bolivia. As such, it is a record of the overruling presence and power of God at work for and in His servants. In a world of global communications few can be ignorant of the hardships of life in the third-world. However, in 1957, when Betty Miles (later Bisset) set sail for Bolivia, her step of faith was all the more remarkable.

Although this book records through Betty’s letters some of the hardships of missionary life in different centres in Bolivia, it remains a positive tribute to the unfailing provision of God – even to the extent of a husband! In this way the author shows how the Lord can take up the most ordinary, even unwilling, believers and lead them on in His will. It also communicates the writer’s genuine love for the people she and her husband were trying to reach.

This book is a worthy addition to its genre and it would be the hope of this reviewer that the book might engender in many a desire to serve the Lord whether in this country or overseas.


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