Notes and Reflections on the Psalms

622 pp, hardback, Published by Chapter Two, Fountain House, Conduit Mews, London SE18 7AP, UK. Price £25.00, ISBN 1-85307-231-1.

This book is part of the Facsimile Series of reprints of nineteenth-century writers and was first published by James Nisbet in 1869. Running to over 600 pages it forms a weighty volume but one that seeks to cover all the 150 psalms. Whilst it does not seek to be exhaustive in its comments, it provides material that is both practical and Christ-centred.

Clearly, a book that is nearly 140 years old will be written in a style that is different from what the modern reader may be used to. The length of sentences may take a little digesting at times but a careful perusal of the material will yield much to profit. This is not a book that could be used in a rush from which the reader may hope to gain some morsel. It is a book that requires reading and re-reading with the desire to meditate upon that which is gleaned. For example, on Psalm 69, PRIDHAM wrote, ‘The truth and holiness of God were the reasons of necessity which led the obedient Sufferer into the place of affliction. It was at the hands of man that He endured His grief; but it was without cause as it respected Him’.

The thrust of PRIDHAM’s ministry was to exalt the Saviour and this is evident throughout. However, the reader will also find material that appreciates the future for Israel in the hands of their returning Messiah. Overall, many will find this a helpful treatise upon this section of Scripture.


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