Notes from My Bible – The Old Testament (and The New Testament)

Notes from My Bible The Old Testament 162 pp, £4.60 plus p.p. Notes from My Bible The New Testament 258 pp, £5.60 plus p.p.

Both by Don Roberts, Cardiff, Gospel Tract Publications, 411 Flillingdon Road, Glasgow G52 4BL.

These books contain the results of a life time’s consistent bible study. They reveal, perhaps above everything else, both the pleasure and the profit which can be achieved from assimilating the truths of the scriptures. They consist of outlines, analyses and notes on all the books of the bible and also character studies and historical details. Yet these are not just a collection of cold technicalities but a sharing of the evident spiritual knowledge gained. We would commend these books as useful tools for bible students, and especially to young believers desiring to find help in laying foundations for their bible study.


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