Operation World: 4th. Edition

Operation World: 4th. Edition. A Day by Day Guide to Praying for the World, by Patrick Johnstone. STL Books. WEC Publications. 500pp., £3.95.

This is an up to date survey of conditions relating to Christian missions in the world. Its comprehensiveness is amazing, and this is obviously the result of a wide-ranging research into world needs and conditions. Each continent and country is dealt with in detail. Relevant statistics regarding population, peoples, literacy, politics, and religions are systematically given. Different features of opportunity, opposition and need are presented in an interesting way. Maps and graphs are provided to illustrate the state of affairs in each country. The practical usefulness of the book is enhanced by the day by day division for systematic prayer. Six useful appendices complete the book with further information. It is good to note that December 31st presents a challenge in linking missionary endeavour with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.