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Day by Day Bible Questions, edited by Ken Totton

The Day by Day series has proven its value as an aid to study and meditation in the scriptures, and has been well received by the Lord’s people. Encouraged by this, we are delighted to announce our latest title, Day by Day Bible Questions. Each daily meditation focuses on a significant scripture question, that is, a question actually asked in the Bible, and provides an exposition and an application. Many of the questions of the Bible are ordinary enough, but beyond these lie the big questions of life and existence, issues of identity and purpose, ‘Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I suffering?’ Instinctively, as believers we turn to the word of God for answers and we are not disappointed! ‘What is man, that thou art mindful of him?’ Ps. 8. 4, is a reminder of our lowliness, yet also of our incredible human dignity and destiny in the purposes of God, forfeited in Adam, yet to be realized in union with Christ, the Last Adam.

It has been observed that in many fields of human endeavour success depends largely on asking the right questions. As FRANCIS BACON put it, ‘A prudent question is one-half of wisdom’. From Genesis to Revelation the questions of scripture form a wonderful storehouse for our meditation and instruction. We find much to challenge, inform, inspire, and comfort, for truly ‘the things written aforetime were written for our learning’.

This new book contains a careful selection of questions which instruct, challenge, and edify. As would be expected there is considerable prominence given to the questions of the Gospels, but famous and important questions are considered throughout the Bible by an international team of contributors. Thus, the reader is presented with a rich digest of teaching, with an emphasis on personal and practical application. We issue this thirteenth title in the series in the prayerful hope that the pithy questions of the Bible will prove a real stimulus towards a deepening of spiritual understanding and increased devotion to the Lord.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit – Samuel Jardine

The Lord Jesus described the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit as ‘another Helper’ for believers, John 14. 16. In fact, the witness of the Holy Spirit in the world, and His gracious indwelling of the church and the individual Christian is the defining feature of the present era. Do we not yearn to recapture something of the illumination and mighty empowerment of the Spirit that was so characteristic of the early church? If so, the teaching of scripture relative to the Holy Spirit – His Person and work – should be of fundamental interest to every Christian.

Samuel Jardine was an able expositor of the word of God and was well equipped to guide us into the Bible’s teaching on this vital subject. Following a consideration of the Spirit’s personality and deity, He traces the works of the Spirit in the inspiration of scripture and the incarnation of our Lord. Prominence is given to considering the Holy Spirit’s mission in the world, and His work in the believer and the church.

A particularly attractive feature of the book is the author’s comprehensive consideration of the symbols used in scripture to bring out the fullness of the Spirit’s Person and activity – water, oil, a dove, seal, earnest, wind, etc. Originally published by Precious Seed under the title Floods upon the Dry Ground, the book has been completely reformatted and given a more explicit title, to appeal to a new generation of readers.

Here is an accessible book from which every believer can profit. Mr. Jardine’s treatment will not only instruct your mind, but delight your heart as he unfolds the loveliness of the Spirit’s Person and operations.

The Church and the Churches – W. E. Vine

The writings of the late William E. Vine are valued highly by students of the scriptures. His Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words has been an indispensible handbook for decades. As his Collected Writings show, he also left a very significant legacy of commentaries and other works that have stood the test of time. Prominent among these is the title The Church and the Churches, which Precious Seed Publications is delighted to publish in a re-formatted edition.

The passage of time since its first publication has in no way diminished the importance and relevance of this work. Every believer in our Lord Jesus is a member of the body of Christ, and should enjoy the fellowship of a local church. Vine’s treatment is in two parts. First, he unfolds the truths of the universal church, including its relationship to the kingdom of heaven. In the second section of the book he focuses on the local church in a series of vital topics: the Lordship of Christ, spiritual gifts, baptism, reception, church discipline etc.

It is encouraging that in recent times believers from a variety of backgrounds are re-examining their practices in the light of the biblical teaching on the church, so it is hoped that the availability of this concise book will have wide appeal. All who are prepared to let the New Testament guide and govern their practices can profit from it, and new believers especially should be encouraged to acquire a copy. ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches’, Rev. 2. 7.


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