Philippians – The Mind of Christ

Paperback, 220pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, L3K 6A6. ISBN 1-897117-21-3.

This book arises from the author’s ‘desire to put into writing some of the precious things that the Lord has revealed to him’. As such it is the second book from the pen of a man who is well known throughout the United Kingdom and North America for his oral ministry.

Although the author quotes from a wide range of sources, all of which are detailed in his bibliography, this is not a ‘dry’ theological work. Those who, like the reviewer, know brother Mellish will enjoy the personal touches that he brings to his exposition of this important epistle. The book offers a wealth of alliterative outlines. Where appropriate, there are useful word studies that open up the teaching of important sections. Equally, there are fruitful examples of parallels such as the gates of Nehemiah and the chapters/sections of Philippians. Thus, the book offers food for the technical, seed-thoughts for the meditative and challenge to the practical. As such, it is highly recommended as a worthy addition to any believer’s library and a help in the understanding of this Pauline letter.


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