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Regular users of our websites - and - will be aware of the refresh which came into effect at the end of January and the beginning of February. Our previous sites had served us well over the years, but for some time we have been conscious that a degree of modernization was required - both in relation to the technology which sits behind the sites as well as the general appearance.

The new sites are the result of many months of work on the part of our designer, Phil Jennings, to whom we express our thanks for all his effort. Phil was given the brief of producing sites which are both easy to navigate and easy to read. If you haven’t accessed the sites recently, we would encourage you to take a look - we hope you will like what you see! Both sites have a fresh, clean appearance and have been designed to operate on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

Precious Seed was established in 1945 for the purpose of publishing sound Bible teaching material with an emphasis on New Testament church principles. By the grace of God, the magazine has been in continuous publication since then and a large wealth of material has been generated which is still very relevant today. There are currently over 4,000 articles by 700 authors, and this is expanding with each issue of the magazine. Some issues of the magazine have yet to be uploaded and work is in progress to scan and prepare these for publication to the site.

Searches of the database can be instigated directly from the ‘Home’ page - simply type into the search bar and the system will return all articles where the selected word appears in the title or in the text itself. Of the 4,000+ articles, there is material on: New Testament church truth, prophecy, Bible characters, dispensations, and types and shadows. Much has also been written which is of a devotional nature, focusing on the person and work of Christ. In addition, there are practical articles, many book reviews, and, of interest to some, the ‘Reports of Gospel Work and Other Activities’ which can encourage us to labour in our day and generation as well as providing snippets of information concerning different places and the Lord’s people. All of this is searchable by author, title and, where relevant, by series.

The main website continues to offer a daily devotional reading taken from the Day-by-Day series (currently Divine Titles) and access to our shop where all of our current stock can be ordered.

We hope to continue to develop the site and our prayer is that this will be of blessing to many.


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