Prophecy Matters

Paperback, 52 pages, Published by and available from the author, 5 Craigie View, Perth, PH2 0DP, UK. Price £2.00.

The author of this helpful little book defines his purpose as being ‘not to provide an in-depth exposition of future events’, but rather ‘to whet the appetite of the readers to start their own research on this subject’. He is equally clear in affirming that the only reliable source of information on prophetic matters is the Bible and in declaring that the real purpose of such study is not to fill our heads with cold academic knowledge but to warm our hearts toward the Lord. Within this framework, he has provided a sane and succinct summary of future events, based solely on what is revealed in Holy Scripture. He takes his readers in an orderly manner through the essentials of prophetic events, beginning with the Lord’s coming (he distinguishes clearly between the Rapture and the Lord’s public manifestation) and moving steadily on to cover the marriage of the Lamb, the Tribulation and the Millennium. The last chapter covers the judgements. Each of the ten chapters ends with a page of questions. The author’s style is delightfully simple, straightforward and jargon-free. He is not dogmatic, acknowledging that, in his opinion, ‘no one person knows it all with certainty’. He never goes beyond what scripture states. The result is a book which has many uses. It may confidently be given to young believers without fear that they will be overwhelmed with detail; it may be used in group Bible study; it also has potential as a tool in evangelism, particularly with members of those sects which seek to spread confusion on matters prophetic.

Written from the right motives and for the right purpose, this book fills a gap in current provision at a price which all can afford.

[Our thanks to Ed Hotchin, Hucknall, Nottingham, UK, for this review.]


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