Realising a Vision through Faith Colleen Redit with Peggy Loh

Hardback, 205 pages, Published by Christian Missions Charitable Trust, Chennai, India. Available from Precious Seed International. Price: £11.95. ISBN 978-1871642-57-5.

This is a book that traces the most remarkable story and work of Colleen Redit, founder of Christian Missions Charitable Trust, Chennai, India. However, in reading the book I was struck by the simple and very ‘matter of fact’ way in which this story is told. This beautiful book contains many photographs, and, at times, a detailed narrative, yet it does not convey much of the drama of the trials of missionary work amongst some of the poorest and neediest people of India. It is a book that seeks to let the facts speak for themselves.

What makes this book interesting and challenging is the thread that runs throughout. God is faithful! Yet the reader must pause and appreciate the remarkable nature of events that are recorded so simply. There is no attempt to emphasize the difficulties of financing or staffing a growing work of this nature and magnitude. There is little attempt to convey the burden of such a work on the person responsible for the vision. What is communicated is the warmth, wisdom, and enthusiasm of Colleen Redit.

There is a lot of practical insight that might prove useful to those considering a work for the Lord. Being unfamiliar with the New Zealand background of the author I found it difficult to appreciate the Every Girl’s Rally work. Equally, having never been to India, it is difficult to appreciate the challenges of working in that country. However, the replication of the Rally concept in an Indian context was an interesting insight into how difficulties and tensions can be overcome. Equally, it is encouraging to see something of the support of the commending assemblies, as well as those Indian believers who now share the vision, and the burden for its delivery. It needs to be remembered, this is an on-going work! This is not just a book to read. It is a book to ponder.


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