Romans Chapters 1-8

Paperback, 144pp. Published by Precious Seed Publications, PO Box 573, Fareham PO14 9FB, UK. Price £5.95, ISBN 978 1 871642 22 3.

For nearly thirty years Albert Leckie conducted annual Bible Readings in the south-west Wales village of Trimsaran. These were held in August each year and the years 1981-84 were devoted to the study of the first ten chapters of the Roman Epistle. What made these readings unusual was that there was no set passage which must be covered in the time period of the meeting. In that way verses were expounded giving time to the truth that was to be gleaned from them. This book is the fruit of much labour that has taken place to transcribe the tape recordings of these meetings and edit them into a form suitable for publication.

It is difficult to pick out one of the many gems that this book contains but this is particularly helpful: ‘The teaching of chapters 6, 7 and 8 may be remembered like this. In chapter 6 Lazarus heard the loud voice of the Son of God saying, “Lazarus, come forth”. He is alive to God. In chapter 7 Lazarus, though alive, is bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face is bound with a napkin. John chapter 11 verse 46 answers to Romans chapter 7 verse 19, alive, but in bondage. In chapter 8, we hear the Saviour say, “Loose him and let him go”’.

Those who knew Albert Leckie will remember him as a gifted and painstaking expositor who nevertheless maintained the importance of the overall structure of a book and its place within the canon of scripture. In this way the reader can gain an analysis of the epistle, its place of importance in the New Testament, and the development and ‘meat’ of its message. This volume makes some of the ministry of this esteemed brother available to a new generation of believers and I am sure they will profit from it.


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