Roses, Marys & Others – Betty Holt

Paperback, 48pp. Published by Xulon Press. It is available from the author, Mrs. Betty Holt, ‘Bethshan’, 39 Worcester Close, Farnborough, Hants. GU14 8JW. Price: £15.00. ISBN 978-1609579-26-5.

This is a full-colour publication that explores something of the scripture record of the lives of fourteen women. It was written with women in mind, particularly ‘those who are looking for a way to live godly and fruitful lives in a day when superficiality seems so predominant’.

Amongst the women covered, the reader can find chapters on Dorcas, Ruth, the woman with the issue of blood and the woman of Samaria. Each chapter is relatively short and can be read either as a specific meditation or as a basis for a slightly deeper study, especially if the guidelines for further discussion are explored at the end of the book.

The author is not afraid to tackle some of the more difficult issues in the lives of the women considered. For example, in the life of Rebekah, her lies and scheming to secure Jacob the birthright are not overlooked. Similarly, in the chapter on Sarah there is a gentle but persuasive consideration of the subject of submission.

This is a well-presented book that could be of benefit to many and a most helpful resource for those who have an exercise to work with younger women, either in the context of a camp work or in home Bible study. A Spanish edition is also available (ISBN 978-1609579-27-2) entitled Rosas, Marias y Otras. It is just a pity that the book should be so expensive as this will make it difficult to purchase copies for everyone in a women’s study group.


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