Searching Messages from the Minor Prophets – Malcolm C. Davis

192 pages, Paperback. Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, KA3 1RH, Scotland. ISBN: 978-1-912522-54-5

This is the latest book from the busy pen of Malcolm Davis and is the second volume on the Minor Prophets. This volume covers the prophecies from Nahum to Malachi, with the exception of Zechariah, which is the subject of a previously published book. These are among the lesser-known books of the Old Testament, but the author throws light upon them in order to not only explain the text but to apply the teaching in a practical way for the believer today.

To quote from the General Introduction, the book is ‘written from the conservative, pre-millennial, pre-tribulational and dispensational standpoint, since I believe that this alone adequately explains every part of the Bible as a whole’. The historical background, authorship and date are given for each book, together with language and literary characteristics which the author is well qualified to assess. Each introduction is followed by a concise summary, before the main verse-by-verse commentary is given.

The practical lessons are clearly drawn without any undue forcing of application to twenty-first century life and society. Emphasis is given to the dealings of God with His own chosen nation and also the Gentile nations insofar as they intrude upon, or are used of God, to discipline and educate His people. The overriding theme throughout the prophetic writings is, of course, the final, yet future, restoration and regathering of the nation of Israel, and to this end the clear Messianic prophecies are explained in their context and application.

The prevailing impression obtained from this book, as indeed from previous works by this author, is one of concise, easy-to- read exposition with an erudite presentation which believers of all ages should find beneficial.


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