Seeds of Destiny – A Genesis Devotional

Hardback, 382pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 1 905 835 9166

Warren Henderson writes in his preface to this book, ‘Seeds of Destiny is a commentary style devotional which upholds the glories of Christ while exploring Genesis from the whole of scripture. Seeds of Destiny contains over 100 brief devotions. This allows the reader to use the book as either a daily devotional or a reference source for deeper study’. This is a most able summary of the work as a whole.

From that preface, it must be appreciated that each chapter is no more than five pages in length but, nevertheless, packed with material on which to meditate to spiritual profit. Even on relatively well-known passages the writer finds gems to bring before us, some of these ‘mined’ from the writings of others. Though the chapters are relatively short the book contains detailed analysis, consideration of technical material where appropriate, and an exploration of the difficult passages.

Warren Henderson and Gospel Folio Press are to be commended for producing this excellent devotional commentary on Genesis. It is a worthy addition to the library of material on the subject and brings its own application and challenge to the reading of this most important of books – the very seed plot of the whole Bible.


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