Seven Postures of Christ – Mervyn Wishart

Paperback, 128 pages. Published by John Ritchie Ltd, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland. ISBN-13: 978 1 912522 62 0.

As the Psalmist takes up his pen to write, he immediately directs our attention to one man whom he calls ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’. He notes particularly where he does not walk, when he does not stand and with whom he does not sit. Only the Lord Jesus could fully satisfy such a standard of moral perfection and we are privileged to watch Him as, in those few brief years, He measured out, step by step, that pathway ‘from Bethlehem to the tree’.

Wishart has put together a delightful study from the gospel records, noting the various occasions when the Lord walked, stood, sat or adopted other postures, and at the last ‘bowed His head’.

When we consider, and can identify with, these actions so familiar to us, it brings into focus the very real and perfect humanity of the One, ‘Who, being in the form of God … was made in the likeness of men’.

We watch Him as He ‘stooped down’ to write in the dust of the temple court, words which defy speculation, yet served their purpose. We see Him stand up to read in the synagogue at Nazareth, having ‘found the place’ He sought – another lovely touch of His humanity. Then to observe all eyes fastened on Him as He sat down to teach.

The outstretched hand of the Saviour catches our attention as miracles of healing and cleansing follow, while, in similar manner, life is restored at Nain’s gate and in Jairus’ house, where tears of grief are turned to tears of joy.
One small point is that whilst I appreciate the emphasis is upon the Lord’s earthly pathway, rather than closing the book with the Lord on the cross, perhaps a mention could have been made that Mark in his Gospel does remind us that in ascension the Lord sat on the right hand of God.

This is an ideal book to read from in preparation for the remembrance on a Lord’s Day morning. The narrative is supported by appropriate verses from hymns and the devotional themes provide much food for meditation. Thoroughly recommended for all believers.