Simon Peter: Challenging Times

Paperback, 112 pp. Day One, Ryelands Road, Leominster, England HR6 8NZ. Price £5; ISBN 978- 1846251573.

This book is one of two that chart the life of Peter from a fisherman of Galilee to Spirit-inspired preacher and fisher of men. It is written with young people, probably teenagers, in mind, presenting events in the life of Peter as they are recorded in the Gospels and Acts. Apart from the discussion of scripture there is also simple application, often linked to the writer’s experience, and points for thought as each chapter is concluded.

Conscious that there is so little biblical material written for this specific audience, there are reasons why this book might be welcomed. However, its weakness in certain doctrinal points detracts from its overall usefulness. Clark leaves us without guidance on the continuation of miraculous spiritual gifts, her stance on the rapture of believers prior to the tribulation, or the public participation of women in teaching. These are serious issues where the young and impressionable should be clearly taught what the scriptures indicate. This is a book that could be used only with discernment.


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