Symposium of Bible Doctrine

The reception given by the Lord’s people to our previous publication Church Doctrine and Practice has encouraged us to prepare a new 400-page book covering a wide variety of Christian doctrines. Consisting of just under one hundred papers, about half of which have been specially written for the book, the symposium will con-tain sections: The Doctrine of the Scriptures (8 papers), The Doctrine of God (11 papers), The Doctrine of Christ (27 papers), The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (7 papers), The Doctrine of the Fall (7 papers). The Doctrine of the Believer’s Blessedness (22 papers), and The Doctrine of the Last Things (14 papers), concluding with indices of Scripture References, and Subjects and Words. This is the largest project that the Committee has undertaken, and partially to cover the heavy initial cost of printing we would appreciate receiving as many prepaid orders as possible (sent to Denis Clapham, 43 Chantry Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DN). Books ordered will then be despatched during the summer when printing is complete. The prepublication price (and maintained for three months after the publication date) will be £1.60 plus 40p. for packing and postage; after this period, the price will be £2 plus 40p. for packing and postage.