That the World May Know (Volume 7-10)

That the World may Know is now complete in ten beautiful volumes. We have already reviewed volumes 1-6, and welcome this opportunity to review volumes 7-10, and to pay our tribute to their author.

Vol. 7 Asian Giants Awake price £7.95 plus £1.35 p&p.

Vol. 8 West European Evangel £9.95 plus £1.45 p&p.

Vol. 9 Red Glow over Eastern Europe £8.50 plus £1.30 p&p.

Vol. 10 The Islands of the Sea £12.50 plus £1.50 p&p.

All are available from Echoes of Service, 1 Widcombe Crescent, Bath, Avon BA2 6AQ, U.K., to whom we are greatly indebted for publishing such a valuable set of books.

Each volume covers up to 150 years of assembly missionary work written in Dr. Tatford’s illuminating style, and is made even more informative and interesting by many maps and numerous colour photographs. These faithful and detailed records of the histories of missionaries from assemblies will never date. They are not books to be read and disposed of, but to be read and referred to whenever the Lord’s work in any part of the world is under review. It is for this reason that we would strongly recommend assemblies to consider investing in a complete set whenever possible. Future generations will greatly value these records, for there is nothing to compare with them. Many a missionary prayer meeting could be better informed and enriched by selected readings.

Dr. Tatford, who wrote all the manuscripts in longhand, saw the first nine volumes in print, and had read the proofs of volume 10 before his home call on June 14th 1986 in his 86th year. Thus was crowned his 70 years of pilgrimage, in which he wrote almost 100 books, edited The Harvester magazine for so long that it became virtually synonymous with him, and travelled and preached the world over, maintaining steadfastly his love unto all saints, while faithfully declaring the truth of their pre-tribulation rapture. Though he will be greatly missed, we know that he would have all who remain to consider the issue of his way of life: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day and for ever”. D.C.


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