The Assemblies Address Book – Sixth Edition

Christian Year Publications, The Glebe House, Stanton Drew, Bristol, BS39 4EH. Price £7.00. ISBN 1-872734-30-8. Available from Gospel Folio Press and John Ritchies Ltd.

The latest edition of this well known book will be welcomed by those who travel either on business or on holiday. As with its predecessors, it provides a wealth of material on assemblies and assembly based activities. If you want to find an assembly for a youngster going off to university, know something about missionary work, the address of a good book shop, something of the wealth of assembly teaching available today, how to replenish your stock of hymnbooks, and where to find care in old age, this is the source of answers to these and many more questions.

Apart from being a listing of assemblies and their addresses, it is a fascinating insight into the changing pattern of assembly activity. For example, in it one can see the changing nature of gospel outreach to young and old alike. There is also an indication of changes that are taking place as some population centres grow and others decline in numbers and assembly testimony struggles to maintain a foothold in some locations. It may be a mere list of addresses and telephone numbers but underneath it all there are issues that should bring us to our knees in prayer. The editor is to be commended for undertaking what must be a most difficult task.


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