The Church the Body of Christ

The Church the Body of Christ Andrew Craig. Paperback, 36pp. Published by Brooklands Gospel Centre, c/o 2 Cherryhill Crescent, Dundonald, Belfast, BT16 1JQ, Northern Ireland. Price £2.95.

This booklet covers two main issues as a record of ministry given by the author in the Brooklands Gospel Centre during 2009. As the author states, the first part of the booklet is a ‘study [which] deals with the aspect of the local church as a Body’. The second part of the booklet looks at the subject of headship. Although these are subjects for which there is a plethora of other material, the author brings a freshness to the study that is clear and well referenced by scripture.

The first part of the booklet is dealt with under six simple headings: Conception; Control; Coordination; Composition; Characteristics; and Care. Clearly, in 36 pages it would be difficult to provide a detailed study but it is a simple restatement of truth that would prove helpful for new believers or those not familiar with the New Testament pattern.

The subject of headship, which forms the second part of the booklet, is covered in greater detail. The author clearly presents the issue that in the local church ‘the only glory to be seen is God’s’. This means that men should gather with their heads uncovered and women with their heads covered. However, there is a challenge as Craig states, ‘The covering should not constitute another eye-catching and costly form of glory’. For this reviewer there was an unqualified and, as such, unfortunate statement at the close of the book. It should not be implied that the participation and deportment of women is at the discretion of elders.

Overall, this is a helpful booklet that could prove useful as a tool in counselling those seeking fellowship in a local church as it presents a simple outline of the truth of the body of Christ.


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