The Desire of All Nations – B. R. Mikhael

Paperback, 166pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly St. West, Port Colborne, ON L3K 6A6, Canada. Price: £9.99 ISBN 978-1926765-77-8.

The Desire of All Nations (Hag. 2. 7) is a series of ‘meditations on the manifold glories of the Lord Jesus Christ’. The book is divided into five sections in which Mikhael considers: The Pre-incarnate Christ, His Incarnation and Holy Life, His Sufferings and His Victory, His Present Work and His Coming Again. Truly, there can be no sweeter subject on which to meditate.

And meditations they certainly are. Anyone approaching this book with a desire to find detailed expository comment, like that of Walvoord’s Jesus Christ Our Lord, is likely to be disappointed. They will not, however, be disappointed with the sweet, reverent, and varied thoughts on the Lord Jesus. These range from the consideration of types, such as Solomon’s bed and chariot, S. of S. 3, to brief overviews of Old Testament passages, Ps. 16; 110; Isa. 42; 49, and reflections on phrases, such as ‘yet a little while’ in John’s Gospel. There are also contemplations of the manifold glories of His name, as revealed in the Chief Shepherd and Great High Priest.

Although the book has been arranged into chronological sections, it was originally published as separate articles in different magazines. This results in each meditation standing alone, and, therefore, the book as a whole lacks flow and the development of thought between each chapter. Nevertheless, this will suit some, as it means the book can be read at various intervals without losing sight of the overall theme. Be prepared for the highly frequent quotation of poems, hymns, and prose, all of which can be overwhelming at times!

Overall, the book is recommended as an encouragement to further reflect on the majesty and beauty of our Saviour. Complementary reading might also include Our Glorious Lord by John Ritchie or F. A. Tatford’s The Master, amongst others.

[Our thanks to Dan Rudge, Bracknell, UK, for this review]


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