The End of The Nation

Studies in the book of Obadiah. By Paul Young. 72pp, £2.00 (incl. p. and p.) published by the author, 33 Kings Terrace, Nantyffyllon, Maesteg, Mid. Glamorgan, CF34 OHD. ISBN 0-9523478-4-9.

Obadiah holds the distinction of being the shortest of all the books in the Old Testament, and it must be one of the most neglected. God would speak a powerful message by means of an unobtrusive servant, a message of His bringing eventual judgement upon Edom. The applicability of such a message to the arrogant, godless nations of today is both obvious, and apt. The author makes a number of telling points as to our responsibilities as God’s people, and the reassurance that is given to us in the knowledge that God’s prophetic programme, presented in His word, will be fulfilled to the letter.