The Guide: Volume 2, Truth Under Attack

Paperback, 288pp. Published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North Ind. Est., Darlington, DL3 0PH. Price £10, ISBN 0 85234 587 9.

‘The Guide, topical series’, embraces commentaries on individual books of the Bible as well as publications on Christian topics. This particular book is the second of a trilogy written under the general title of Truth under Attack. The subject of this current volume is ‘Cults and Sects’ and consists of three main sections. The first section addresses the question ‘What are cults and sects’? In the second section the author identifies features that are characteristic of cults and in the third he gives the history and basic doctrines of seven ‘established cults’, The Mormons; Christian Science; Rastafarians; The Moonies; The Family of Love; Scientology; and Freemasonry.

In the introduction the author states that his objective is to present his subject from a ‘biblical perspective’ and he does this successfully by constantly comparing what the cults teach with the doctrines of the Bible. This book will be of benefit to all who seek to witness to individuals belonging to these cults, to young believers who might especially be targeted by these groups and, since the reader is constantly being brought back to the teaching of the scriptures and the true way of salvation, this book could equally be given to unbelievers who are being influenced by these movements. However, it should be remembered that this is but one of a trilogy of books.

[Our thanks to Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, for this review]


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