The Heavenly Physician – Rommel Ghossain

Paperback, 204pp. Published by Decapolis Press, The Glebe House, Stanton Drew, Bristol, BS39 4EH, UK. Price: £8.95 ISBN 978-0-646-45987-2.

This book, the first of a series, seeks to cover the first eight chapters of Luke’s Gospel, dealing with the narrative as well as the application of the teaching it contains. The writer states his purpose in his introduction, ‘The purpose of this commentary is to ensure that its readers are acquainted with the person of Jesus’.

The writer builds his comments around the text of the New King James Version in sections that indicate his analysis of the chapters under consideration. Although some of the observations are simple they are often missed. For example, of the angel’s words to Zacharias, Ghossain says, ‘The appearance of the angel marked the first words of God after four hundred years of silence’. Equally, the writer is not afraid to bring out the challenge of a passage. Of Anna, a widow for so many years, he writes, ‘When God becomes your greatest love then regardless of whatever happens in life, it will not dampen your affection for Him’. While there are many commentaries on Luke’s Gospel, this book contains observations and applications that the reader will find worthy of consideration.


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