The Infallible Christ

63 pages; £1.15 or $2.95 (plus 10% postage)

The book has a title that is very precious to believers, yet the subject of the book is presented so as to combat an unpleasant doctrine prevalent in some quarters, namely that Christ could sin although He did not. Sincere believers must have their spiritual sensitivities based on solid doctrine, and this book consists of six independent papers by six different authors (J. M. Davies and Albert Leckie will be well known to U.K. readers). This means that there is a slight repetition of subject matter, and this is all to the good in that the same truth is presented in different ways by the various writers. The book can be commended to those who desire edifying enlightenment on such a solemn matter, for the holding of truth and the combatting of error regarding the Person of Christ go hand-in-hand in these difficult days, when doctrinal voices of many persuasions clamour for the believer’s ear.


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