The Kingdom – What the Bible teaches about the Kingdom of God

Paperback, 76pp. Published by Authorhouse at and available from the author at 15 The Cedars, Albert Park Road, Malvern, WR14 1 HW. Price £7.25, ISBN 1 4208 5731 2.

Initially, this book charts the author’s search for a better understanding of the truth of the kingdom and draws us to follow him in his reading of the scriptures and his setting forth of the truth that he found. In his simple style the writer conveys his enthusiasm for his subject and the wonder at what was revealed to him in his studies.

Appreciating that this book is fairly short the reader should not expect any extended treatise or a very detailed consideration of some of the issues. This reviewer felt that the author might have taken time to explain his views on such topics as: ‘the kingdom is eternal’; what is meant by ‘inheriting the kingdom’; the relationship between the church and the kingdom. Similarly, the absence of any reference to the millennial reign of Christ was surprising and the writer’s argument that ‘the Son of man coming in his kingdom’, Matt. 16. 28, was fulfilled by the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 was unconvincing.

As a summary of truth relating to the kingdom this book might provide some help but, as it leaves so many issues unresolved, it does not quite achieve its objective of setting out the truth with the clarity the writer sought.


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