The Principles and Practices of the New Testament Church – William McCormack

Paperback, 44 pages, Published by John Ritchie Limited, 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland. ISBN 978-1-907731-27-3.

Although there are many books that have been published on this subject, it is appropriate that each new generation should be reminded of those things that distinguish the New Testament assembly. In the five chapters that make up this little booklet, the author covers such topics as: The Church: its meaning, foundation and place; Government and Discipline in the local church; Headship and Priesthood; Gifts; and the Practices of the New Testament Church.

It will be appreciated that covering such a subject within the scope of forty-four pages will mean that principles are often stated rather than explained. However, in certain key areas there is a slightly deeper treatment to provide some illumination of the principle under consideration. The author is to be commended for his exercise, and there is a basis upon which further study could be engendered. In this context it would have been useful to have a few books for further reading and more scripture references offered, perhaps in footnotes or endnotes.

Overall, this is a helpful booklet. The only minor issues that this reviewer might raise are the lack of mention of Phoebe in the section on deacons, the sparse references to scripture in dealing with temporary gifts, and the lack of mention of James chapter 5 in the context of healing. These might be considerations for any future reprint.


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