The Saviour God and His Servant King – Malcolm C. Davis

Paperback, 260 pp. Published by John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock, Scotland, KA3 1RH. Price: £7.99. ISBN 13-978-1-907731-83-9.

The subtitle of this book is ‘Isaiah’s Prophecy – An Introduction, Concise Commentary, and Practical Studies in his Major Themes’. It is, in essence, two books in one: the first part is an introduction to the prophecy of Isaiah, together with a valuable synopsis of each of the sixty-six chapters. The second part is made up of twelve studies of major themes which are to be found in this prophecy. In spite of its subtitle, the book is not a detailed commentary as such, but provides a valuable overview of the prophecy. The introduction and chapter-by-chapter summary will be appreciated by all who want to grasp the flow of Isaiah’s message. The author puts each chapter into its historical context, and enables the general reader to understand how the message of this book harmonizes with the Bible’s total revelation of the divine plan and purpose. The second part of the book offers twelve studies ranging from ‘The Character of God’ and ‘Messianic Prophecies’ through to ‘Idolatry’, and to studies of the nations to which Isaiah refers. The final study is on ‘The Day of the Lord’.

In these days, it is very encouraging to find a writer who accepts the unity of authorship of Isaiah, and is prepared to approach this prophecy honestly from a clear premillennial standpoint. This is helpful in countering so much of the confusion which has been occasioned by, for example, the misleading chapter headings found in some Bibles, which treat several chapters in Isaiah as if these were addressed directly to the church. The book is scholarly rather than academic, and brings the reader face-to-face with the devotional thoughts and spiritual lessons which may be drawn from a study of this prophet. Among its merits, the book is an antidote to the practice of selecting isolated verses, and making them fit preconceived ideas. The author’s integrity in his handling of this prophecy is something which we may profitably imitate. Altogether, this is a very useful addition to any believer’s bookshelf.


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