The Tabernacle and the Offerings – Albert Leckie

Paperback, 176pp. Published by Precious Seed Publications, The Glebe House, Stanton Drew, Bristol, UK, BS39 4EH. Price: £6.50. ISBN 978-1871642-44-5.

This is the second volume of the ministry of the late Albert Leckie of Airdrie, Scotland. Although the name may not be known to the present generation, this book is written in a style that is both appealing and instructive.

Albert Leckie was a well-known Bible teacher, noted particularly for his detailed exposition of scripture and his meticulous attention to detail. This book has been compiled from the tapes of the ministry given at the Trimsaran Bible Readings in Wales. However, every effort has been made to maintain the flow of our brother’s consideration of the topics.

Typology is an area of study that has become neglected in recent times. Criticism has been levelled at some who have strayed into the realms of the fanciful. This book demonstrates Leckie’s knowledge of the scriptures and his ability to justify every picture and type from the word of God itself. Those who have profited from his first volume of writings, on Romans, will find similar help here. Those who look for a book that is Christ-exalting and heart-warming should purchase this volume and enjoy its depth and devotion.


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