Travelling Homeward

(Welwyn Commentary Series). 352pp. £9.95, published by Evangelical Press, Grange Close, Faverdale North Industrial Estate, Darlington, DL3 0PH. ISBN 0-85234-429-5

The sub-title of this book reads, ‘Exodus simply explained’, and from this we are entitled to assume it to be a commentary of the ‘easy-to-read’ variety. My own feeling is that there is a genuine need of such material today, to engage the thoughts of believers and to encourage in-depth, systematic, study of the Scriptures. However, if the categorization of this particular commentary makes it seem less attractive to any potential readers, let me hasten to add a warm recommendation, for to do any other would render great disservice to author, book, and readers who must benefit from it! We have here more than just an exciting account of the gripping events recorded in Exodus, for the text is expounded with clarity and accuracy. This is a well presented publication, with chapters helpfully divided into sections with appropriate sub-headings, taken for the most part directly from the text of Scripture, printed in heavy type.

The author concentrates on the main story-line of Exodus, which would explain why the tabernacle building and its furnishings are dealt with in short order, and the typical teaching arising out of all the details provided is so basic. However, throughout the book a number of practical issues are raised, and challenging questions are asked of the reader. A worthy attempt is made to make application of the many lessons that are taught throughout Exodus to the lives of Christians today. In this respect, and others, this commentary will prove itself to be an excellent aid for all who lead study groups, and will most certainly be of benefit to the ordinary reader.


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