Two New Books by J M Davies

The Lord and the Churches, pp. 188. 215. Pickering & Inglis.

Believing that readers of Precious Seed are deeply concerned, both practically and doctrinally, with the subject of the Church in its universal and local aspects, we are pleased to have the opportunity of recommending this book for their earnest consideration. It is the reviewer’s opinion that elders, teachers and evangelists, brethren and sisters generally, and young believers, will all profit from this book, which presents wholesome truth in a refreshing and edifying way suitable for instruction and correction in days when the ecumenical movement is so wide-spread. The book really consists of two books in one. The first part deals with the character and foundation of the Church, with priests, elders and deacons (ministers), with spiritual gifts, ordinances and discipline. The second part consists of an exposition of Revelation 2-3, interpreted from the historico-prophetic point of view, and it contains vital truth for these last days. Besides dealing with the seven churches in detail, the author examines in separate chapters more general questions, such as “Who are the angels?”, “The Nicolaitanes: who were they?”, “The overcomers: who are they?”. The reviewer suggests that all readers who seek to build up a small personal library of useful spiritual books should add this book both to their shelves and to their hearts.

Pentecost and Today – Tongues and Healing, pp. 64. 35. 6d. Available from the author, or John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock, or Walterick Publishers, Kansas City.

This book represents years of study and watchful vigilance by the author, and recalls his article on the subject in Precious Seed November 1954. Not written to stir curiosity, the book will provide instruction for all brethren who from time to time have to give answers regarding these unwholesome practices. Various chapters deal with the subject dispensationally, doctrinally, comparatively and governmentally. The author takes the only safe view that the tongues in Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians 12, 14 were ordinary foreign languages that some at that time were miraculously enabled to speak. J.H.


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