What the Bible Teaches, Vol. 7. Luke

415 pp. £10.95 incl. p. and p. John Ritchie Ltd., Kilmarnock.

The latest volume of Ritchie’s N. T. Commentaries, completes the four gospels. It is a requisite in any study of the third gospel, that there should be sensitivity of approach because of the beauty of the Subject considered, Jesus the Son of Man. It is good lo be able to commend this quality in the commentary before us. The Introduction is brief and succinct, and includes Bibliography and detailed analysis. The verse by verse commentary is full, with exposition of the text and valuable interpretation. Two brief appendices end the book, the second covering words that are peculiar to Luke’s gospel, Here is a quite beautiful unfolding of Luke’s record of Christ. Perhaps a sentence in the introduction commends the book; ‘There is a Face, which only to behold is an eternity of joy and bliss, even though it is the blessed Face of the “Man of Sorrows’”.


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