When Christians roamed the earth

Authors, Henry Morris, Ken Ham, Jack Cuozzo and others. Paperback, 192 pages, Published by Master Books, Inc., PO Box 727, Green Forest, AR 72638. ISBN: 978-0-89051-319-8

This title caught my eye and invited further examination. I found it to be a rather satirical take on the title of a book by Stephen Attmore, ‘When Dinosaurs roamed the earth’. The implied suggestion being that just as dinosaurs advanced to extinction, so many Christians today are sleep-walking towards a situation where atheists and humanists are given a free hand to set the education agenda without restraint or challenge. A society in which the Bible is, at best, marginalized and, at worst, mocked and rejected is one in which the evangelical Christian is given the status of a radicalized extremist! Hence, the sub-title of the book poses the question, ‘Is the Bible-believing church headed for extinction?’

The authors are all eminent writers and lecturers to a world-wide audience, well qualified in a variety of scientific and associated disciplines. This book majors on the historical and minute accuracy of scripture, in opposition to the fallacious doctrine of evolution and related issues.

In the opening chapter, Henry Morris explains that the anti-Christian features of our society should not take us by surprise, but rather they have been evident in various forms throughout time, as satanically inspired philosophies have opposed the word of God ever since Eden’s garden. In more recent times, following the revival of a Christian world-view in Victorian times, the adversary sought to counter this by the works and teaching of men like Sigmund Freud in the field of psychology and human relationships, Karl Marx in the arena of economics and political science, and Charles Darwin on the theme of natural science, all of whose works are now embraced to a greater or lesser degree in our political and educational systems.

Ken Ham writes to emphasize the need to accept the factual record of the book of Genesis in order to understand and appreciate the ways and purposes of God as taught throughout the scriptures. He deplores, as do other contributors, the increasing tendency for some Christians to try and accommodate the long ages of an evolutionary world-view, rather than accept a young earth belief supported by scripture.

Other writers deal with the cataclysmic nature of the flood and its effects upon the topography of the planet, the question of UFOs and extra-terrestrial life and the emergence and growth of New Age philosophy. This is shown to be essentially pagan, based on a form of Hinduism, fundamentally anti-Christian resulting in a worship of the creation rather than the Creator.

The underlying aim of the book is to issue a wake-up call to Christians, an appeal for a return to face-value acceptance of the Genesis record and its teaching, as an antidote to the dogma of a secular society. Recommended reading from year eight school age to adult.


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