Where is God when things go wrong?

Paperback, 40pp. Published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH Price £14.95 per pack of ten, ISBN 0 85234 590 9.

John Blanchard is well known as a writer of Christian apologetics and this is the latest booklet from his pen. For those who read his previous volume on the atrocity of September 11th, this booklet draws together events such as the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, and Rwanda, September 11th, the Holocaust, and the recent Tsunami of South East Asia. As one would expect, John Blanchard tackles the issues with directness and clarity. He faces the challenge of the atheist and the skeptic with vigour and presents a thoroughly reasoned argument demonstrating every reader’s need of the gospel and the Saviour that the gospel presents.

This book will prove a worthy addition to the tools of those who want to provide material to meet the challenge of sinners. People wishing to find answers to the bewildering array of natural disasters would do well to immerse themselves in this book.


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