This verse is taken from:
1 Chronicles 29. 10-19
Thought of the day for:
12 February 2024

The assembly at Corinth in New Testament times made much of man, of particular men and of themselves. Paul remonstrates with them, pointing out that we are not to boast in men, 1 Cor. 3. 21; ‘notable’ believers are but God’s servants and stewards, 4. 1; and what we have is a gift, what we have received, 4. 7.

David made all of one Being, the Lord, vv. 10-12, to whom all belongs, and acknowledged that all we have is from Him, v. 14. As for the nation of Israel, they were strangers and sojourners, as were all their fathers, passing through as travellers who belonged elsewhere, v. 15; Ps. 39. 12. They were temporary ten­ants and stewards of God’s earth, Lev. 25. 23.

In his praise of the Lord, David says of himself and the peo­ple, ‘our days are as a shadow’, v. 15. This visual simile highlights the transient and ephemeral duration of man’s time here. How insubstantial our lives are, how we are soon gone, and are any impressions left? A shadow exists for a day at the most, for when the sun declines it fades also, irresistibly and inexorably: ‘there is no abiding’. What is left to show that it has been here? ‘What is man?. his days are as a shadow that passeth away’, Ps. 144. 3, 4. James expresses the same idea in metaphorical terms, ‘What is your life? … a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away’, Jas. 4. 14.

In the light of the brevity of his life, David lifts up his eyes away from himself to the One who is above all and beyond all, v. 11. He commends to God the plans and provision for the building of a house, v. 16, suitable for Him who is supreme and transcendent, the King above all kings. He gives expression to his fervent desire that something be established for God here that will continue after his own departure, that will long outlive his own short life, vv. 16, 19. David looked up in faith to his God, v. 13, the One who is our God! How much we all receive from Him, the great Giver. Let us plan and provide accordingly, building what will not only last after our departure, but also beyond the day of testing, 1 Cor. 3. 10-15.

Finally, it is emphasized that the people were willing givers, vv. 6, 9 (twice), 14, 17 (twice). Are we?


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